Sunday, January 22, 2012

We had snow...

Yup, we had snow that actually had to be shoveled.
And today ~ well today it will be sunny and chilly BUT tomorrow it will head back up to 40's with rain and all the snow (only about 3") will be gone again and the week ahead is expected to be in the upper 40's and sunny.
Do you think that's all the snow we will get this year here in NY?  Not!  But that would be nice!

Anyway, last night I finished the Crosses Mourning top I was working on this past Thursday (see previous post).
In the morning I picked out the sash and cornerstones and cut them.  Then I cut the borders that I had set aside for this right from the beginning.  Laid it out, took this photo and decided not good!
Too busy and light for my liking.  But you will see this border fabric somewhere on one of my quilts in the future because I really like it!
Then, option 2...

No option will not upload!

I'll be back with more on this little quilt top.

My husband is bringing home Chinese food for dinner because he MUST watch the big game tonight.
I asked him if he thinks the Giants will win...the answer...they have a 50-50 chance!
Such wisdom!

Remember, take some time to sew!

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Sherry said...

I love the border fabric; but I can see where it would be too light for the piece of the quilt that you show.

Enjoy the game -- whether you are watching or stitching. It is a bit difficult for me to pick a team since my sister is a 49er's fan but my BIL is a rapid Giants fan. . . so I'm staying out of the fray by sewing.