Thursday, January 19, 2012

Me and My Sewing Machine...

We sure had fun today! It was very productive and we accomplished a lot together.
I do have to give some credit to the rotary cutter also...and the iron...and the seam ripper...LOL!
I was determined to choose sashing and border fabrics for the 12 Days of Christmas quilt.
(Posted about that a short while ago) I went "shopping" in my stash and came up with some great choices.
Mission accomplished and it is all together and ready to be layered and quilted.
The teal border really felt right for this.  I think I will border it in the same brown/pink print that was in the borders. 
Many  other quilters participated in this little quilt along and some of the photos of the quilts they made are wonderful.  I am inspired by those who made it using red and green fabrics for Christmas and just might have to make another one!

Next on the to-do list for today was the Crosses Mourning quilt.  Kathleen Tracy ~ find her here ~ is doing a challenge to make a small quilt a month this year.  Crosses Mourning is the first quilt and the pattern is from her book Prairie Children and Their Quilts.
First I choose the fabrics...
I started by digging in my Civil War scrap box, then moved to my Civil War stash.
The result ~ 9 black prints, 9 cream/black prints and 9 different color prints ~ to make 9 wonderful little blocks...

Next step will be to decide on sashing and borders which will have to wait because I need to do that in the daylight ~ maybe tomorrow!
Then I need to decide on how to quilt these two little charmers.

Right now we are having a little winter visit in the form of a very light snow.  Just a dusting!
They are saying that Saturday may bring a bit more.  Cannot complain because so far the weather has been very nice this winter!

Remember to take time to sew!

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