Friday, January 6, 2012

12 days...and a Birthday Block!

The last block was posted yesterday and I made it this morning ~ now I have all of the 12 blocks for the "12 Days of Christmas" mini quilt!
Next should be the layout and finishing instructions.  They will most likely come today but since I have to go to work today I will not be able to pull them up until tomorrow.  
Depending on the layout I might have to redo #8 or #9.  I did them both in red and cream.  Plus I see a lot of blue (my favorites) up in the right hand corner.
Maybe I could change the layout if it doesn't work...heck yeah, it's my quilt!
Making these tiny blocks (3") was fun and ~ now don't laugh ~ my favorite block of the bunch is...
What is it about a simple 9 patch?  Love it!
All these blocks were made with snippets and scraps from my stash.
(no yardage or fat quarters were harmed in the making of these blocks)

In other sewing news (lol)...there were 3 Birthday girls in my Birthday Block Swap for December.
One I didn't take a photo of before I gave it but it was really cute.  The BD girl wanted Christmas red, green, and white.  I made her a block with red and white pinwheels and green squares.  Called it Peppermint and Pines!
This block was for the BD girl who wanted a Blue and White block.
It's a Double Pinwheel.  In the new Japanese Block book I purchased they called it
'Yosegi niju` kazaguruma' and it is assembled with strips instead of half-square triangles.
It's a nice block and I will make it again.
The third block ~ can't show you yet ~ I will be giving it to the BD girl tonight when I see her at the shop for "First Friday Finishes".

Have a super day and remember to sew ~ even just a little!

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Karen said...

I was thinking that I might have to select different fabrics for one of the blocks but it depends on the setting. Might not make a bit of difference having two similar color blocks if the setting is just right.

Your colors and fabric choices are good. It has been a fun project for me and you too, I'm sure.