Sunday, January 22, 2012

Maybe now I can upload those photos now AND always purchase extra fabric because...

This was my option #2 border...

Still didn't work for me.
So it was on to #3 and that was the one!
What do they say...3rd times the charm...yes it is.
I like this border.

This little quilt finishes at 25" x 25".
As I mentioned before it is "Crosses Mourning" from the book Prairie Children and Their Quilts by Kathleen Tracy.
The fabrics were entirely from my stash of Civil War prints and my CW scrap bin.

Now for the 'always purchase extra fabric' part of this post.
I had to use a cream print from some yardage I had purchased.
It wasn't for a special pattern or project so I only purchased 1/2 yard (a while ago).
When I pulled it out and 'squared' up the fabric prior to cutting here is what happened.

As you can see from this photo, I cut off the two ends that were not even.  From a 1/2 yard cut I have a 15" piece of fabric that goes full width.  (Photo shows about 14" because I am working on another project so I cut out an extra 1" on one uneven side for that so I knew I would waste less.)
In theory I lost 3" of fabric that could be cut WOF.  
None of what I cut off is waste because I can use it in another (many) projects at a later date.  
But if I needed that full 1/2 yard to cut strips by the WOF I would not have it.
This is good quilt shop quality fabric from a reputable company.  It is not the shops fault and maybe not even the companies fault.

Had a great day cutting out some projects and now I am off to sew while my husband watches the game!

Game time = sew time!

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