Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Already!

Time really is flying.  I cannot believe that December has arrived and Christmas is just around the corner.
What I really need to do is some decorating!  This weekend...this weekend for sure!

I have been busy working on a lot of gifts and projects and still have many to do.
I joined a Small Quilt Swap and have been working on the quilt for that.
Today was quilting day and of course, I didn't finish it...tomorrow it will be done and then I can bind it Saturday night and mail it to my swap partner on Monday (the deadline for mailing is Dec. 10th so I am ahead of schedule)!

The fabrics were all in my Civil War stash and scrap bin.  I really like the pinks and browns together.  I have been wanting to make one.
I must be honest about this...when I started cutting the fabric for this I liked it so much I cut enough to make two!  Sew ~ this quilt will have a twin quilt.  They will not be identical in layout but they will be made with all the same fabrics!  The size is 18"X24", a wonderful doll quilt.
It actually didn't take much time to cut 2 out at once and I think it is something I will consider in the future to save time.
The pattern is just one I played with and came up with on EQ.  I am sure it is inspired from somewhere or someone but I look at so many quilts on line, in magazines and books that it could be similar to something I saw.  I am sure she will like it, at least I hope she does.

Well, back to the sewing room...

Happy Stitching!

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