Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What? 11 Days Until Christmas?

For me that means 11 days to get ready for Christmas.  
This year my one true goal is to enjoy Christmas and this beautiful season of joy and happiness.

So, with a lot of things to get done and with me moving and doing as fast as I can I promise to also enjoy what I am doing.  If it all gets done ~ GREAT ~ if it doesn't all get done ~ GREAT!

For me it is also 10 days until I see my precious grandson!  Now, that is really a joyful thing too!

So, as I continue my journey to Christmas Day I continue to slowly clean and decorate the house and to make the gifts I can finish in time without stress!

Yesterday I cleaned and decorated a little more and then I worked on this gift for my Manicurist.
Yes folks, I have one big indulgence and that is to have my nails done every two weeks ~ today is appointment day.  Here is her gift (she just loves hand made gifts).

 Once again I apologize for the crooked photo!
It came out really cute and I think she will really like this one.
After nails I go to lunch with a friend, it is a relaxing and fun afternoon for me.

I also stitched this little design on a flour sack towel.  I think I will give this to my daughter and make two for me and one for my daughter-in-law.  It is so cute but I don't know what happened in that little circle solution ~ will be putting a cute star button there!

Tonight it will be time for more stitching!  Fun and relaxing!

Have a wonderful sew-full day!

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Karen said...

Where did you find the cute little Xmas tree to stitch? I love it!