Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Happy and the Sad!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday Weekend with family, friends and loved ones alike!
We had a amazing weekend and a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!
All of the children were here on Christmas Eve for dinner and my Grandson's Birthday Celebration.
I made him a cake with lots of sprinkles ~ his favorite.  As you can see, he turned 4 years old this year!  I had only purchased one round 8" pan as of this day because I am using my coupons to buy them at a discount, so not knowing what to do about the top layer and running out of time I grabbed my Christmas Tree pan and made 6 little trees that we put in a circle on top.  It really was cute and absolutely delicious too!
The next day my son and his new wife were at her family for the day and we missed them but had an awesome day.  My little guy had a ball opening ALL the gifts ~ such a good helper!
Santa's little helper...
Yes, you do see a broken arm here in this photo.  My little guy fell and broke his arm on his birthday.  Kids a so resilient ~ that cast didn't bother him one bit!
After opening gifts he decorated Christmas Tree Cookies...
And tested them...
They were yummy!
We had a wonderful day filled with lots of playing and delicious food!
Now, here's the sad part...this little guy and his parents left Monday morning about 7am and moved to Idaho.
I thought my heart stopped beating ~ it did!  Really, couldn't breathe my chest was so heavy.
I cried most of the day.  They have to live their lives and follow their dreams and I know that but I am still so sad that they are going to be so far away (more than the usual day trip for sure)!


Today, back to work and settling into the regular routine ~ SEWING!
Have a wonderful day!


sandy quilts said...

I love the pictures of your grandson! I am sorry you are heartbroken about their move to Idaho. Now you have to take the time to go visit - could be a good thing after all...

Jennie said...

Sorry for your broken heart Colleen...I can totally understand being a grandma myself. You will have to just take more time for yourself this next year for visits to him.

retrorevival.biz said...

Happy I've discovered your blog, Colleen (from you commenting on mine). Hope you'll visit me again and become a follower:)

Wishing you the happiest of new years!