Monday, November 7, 2011

November...a photo journal...

Day 7...yes, I know...I missed Day 6 and that is because I was busy doing something that today I am thankful for!

I went to a Quilt Show with my friends!

Here are some photo snippets of my journey through the show.
I am NOT a great photographer so pay no attention to the quality of the photos!

There were some lovely quilts in this small show!  They did not disappoint!

I was/am thankful for a fun day with friends and the ability of others to produce a great show with some super 'quilter's eye candy'!

Have a wonderful day!

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Karen said...

Years ago, I made a quilt with the kimono ladies shown in the first quilt. I don't have it as it was not my style but I enjoyed selecting fabrics and making it.