Friday, November 4, 2011

November photo journal....

Day 4


I grew up a lucky kid...six brothers and one sister.
There was never a lonely moment in our home and you always had someone to play with, laugh with and cry with.

I love everyone of them.

In age order; Brian, Sean, Kevin, Doreen, Colleen, Emmett, Dermott, and Damian!

This photo was taken in April 2008 when we gathered for my Dad's funeral.
He was a proud man and had to raise most of us.  My Mom passed away at an early age and 4 of us still lived at home.  I was the oldest at the time at age 18; so it was myself and the three younger boys at home.

My Dad was a Cabinet Maker and made beautiful furniture.  When I owned my store in the late 80's/early 90's he made furniture and other items for me to sell in the shop.  What I liked most about that was he had to visit so he could make deliveries...that meant that I would get to see him at least once per week.  Sometimes he would just come out for a ride to see how the shop was doing and he always had a cup of coffee and a tea biscuit to share!
I love this photo of him.
Always a proud Marine!

God Bless you Daddy!

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sandy quilts said...

Beautiful family Colleen!