Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NOVEMBER...a photo journal of the people, places and things in my life I am THANKFUL for and that make me happy!


Well, they are really my "Step-children" but since they have been in my life for over 28 years and they grew up in my home...they are MY CHILDREN!
They were born in my heart!

From left to right:

Akison - he is the youngest and loves to cook and bake.  He is going to school for culinary arts and wants to open a Restaurant/Bakery one day.
He has the best dimples...actually they all do but his are the ones that really make you smile when you see them.

Lisa - she is actually my oldest son's wife.  They were married in September.  She is REALLY the BEST thing that ever happened to him.
She is very sweet and adores my son...God bless her!

Yoshiko - my darling daughter.  What can I say about her?
She is so important to me!  We get along very well and we share many common interests.  She is absolutely beautiful and always has been.  She is generous and kind.  Yoshiko is married and has one son...more about him later!  Her husband is Jason, he was home babysitting while they went to the game!  Jason is a good father and takes great care of his family.

Seiken - the oldest and he likes a good party...I had to say it!
  He does work as hard as he plays and always wants to do his best.
He loves his family very much and is going to be a wonderful parent.
He is so good with his nephew.

They all make me very proud and happy to be their "Mom".
I love them to pieces!!!


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