Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finally ~ a goal for 2012...

Well, a goal that relates to sewing that is!
Last year I had planned to "mash my stash".  I did use a lot of my stash fabrics but I also realized that if I made a purchase say last week and used it this week I called it using my stash.  LOL!
All I can say game ~ my rules!
Upon giving this deep some thought I decided that this year I would choose three (or so) fabrics from my stash each month, take a photo of them and try to use each of them in a project by month's end. game ~ my rules!  

My Rules
1.  I can use some or all of the fabric
2.  They can all be used in the same project or they can be used individually
3.  I can use them in any project any way I want
4.  If I don't use them that month I will put them into a 'special box' and if they haven't been used by the end of the year I should donate or give them away (maybe ~ remember, these are my rules for me!)
5.  I will try really hard do my best to use a wide range of the fabrics in my stash; from ugly fabrics to my most coveted favorites
6.  This does not mean that I cannot buy more fabric for my stash

Now that the rules are in place (and subject to change) here is a photo of the fabrics I have picked for March.
Pink fabric = 1 yard
Green fabric = 3/4 yard
Large floral fabric = 1 yard

Stay tuned to see where any one of these may show up!

On another note, today I did a little Spring decorating.  My 'secret sister' sent me this wonderful runner and I just had to put it out with my bunnies and chicks!

And then, I organized a drawer in the office for my ribbons.
That felt good!
Tonight I have some hand sewing to do and some paperwork to finish for my husband's's Tax Season madness I tell you!

Happy Sewing!

2 comments: said...

Hahahaha! Colleen, you crack me up with "your" rules! Love your concept and looking forward to seeing your progress:)


Aunt 'Reen said...

I like this interesting method you have devised to reduce your stash!
I need to come up with a plan too (one I can stick with) lol.

What a pretty table runner - your Spring display looks so lovely on top of it!