Thursday, March 8, 2012

Uh Oh...look what I found...

So, remember the last post with the fabric that I am going to use this month (even if it kills me - which it won't).
Well, when I was 'shopping' through my stash for fabric for a project I came across another piece of the green.
Now I have two 3/4 yard pieces.  I will add this to my March obligation and see what becomes of it.  How in the world do I have two pieces of this fabric I will never know!

In between sewing some projects (no pics yet) I did a little more organizing.  My Civil War fabric shelf was in need of a clean-up since I have been using a lot of this fabric in projects lately.
Here she is...
The blue box holds all my small scraps of Civil War and the little book has a snippet of each piece I own so I can take it along on shopping trips and not duplicate.  It doesn't always work!
I keep my Civil War FQ's in a plastic box along with some CW panels and a piece I don't want to cut up because I am saving it for a backing.

Maybe if I organize and clean a little section of my sewing room every day I will reach the point of having a wonderfully user friendly sewing room!  Just maybe!  All I know is that you will not see the before pictures!  LOL

Off to work on some samples for classes!



sandy quilts said...

I love you organization Colleen! That is a lot of civil war!

Colleen said...

SHHHH! Don't tell anyone but that's not all of it! LOL
I better make a giant CW quilt soon!