Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Finished it!

My friend's secret scrap quilt is completed and on it's way to her...it's a surprise so don't tell.
Here is a photo of the lap quilt I made.
Very colorful for me, wouldn't you say? 
I used an assortment of Batik strips cut from my (growing) stash of Batiks.
I too was amazed at just how many different fabrics I have collected.

What I started to do was to purchase 1/3 yard of some Batiks I thought were pretty and that I liked.
The 1/3 yard cut (for me) works better than a FQ or a 1/4 yard.  I have found that with collecting certain fabric lines getting that size offers me a good amount of fabric to work with in quilts or toppers that I want to make.

This quilt was quilted using a variegated Sulky #12wt. thread.  The thread colors were a perfect compliment to the fabrics.  I simple quilted through every other strip in a straight line.  Easy as can be!
Made with 1 1/2" strips.  Finished size 41" X 50".

The other thing I did was to put a label on the back.  Yes, I know that we should always do this but I must confess that this is the first time I have done this!  Shock throughout the nation!
Usually I simple stitch my initials and the date on a corner in the back but this time I actually made and attached a simple label.
When I started to stitch down the fourth side of this label a strong feeling of pride and accomplishment came over me.  I cannot explain it and it wasn't a sappy kind of a feeling...just felt good.
This isn't a prize winning quilt or anything. It is really cute and very cheery.  The label thing was about the label.  So perhaps there is more to adding a label to a quilt than just identifying the maker and date and some other things like perhaps the recipient and the occasion for which the quilt was made.
I don't know what it was - it just felt good!
So now, I will need to label my quilts from this point on.

I think my friend will like this little quilt!

Happy Spring!  Take time to watch the flowers grow!
Take time to sit and sew!


Betty Lou said...

Your Jelly Roll Race quilt is the prettiest one I have seen. Like the batiks. I have thought about making one but didn't want to use one of my "good" jelly rolls but thought I would dive into that hugh stash of Thimbleberries that I accumulated 10 years ago. I see that you joined your strip at right angles, looks nice.

Colleen said...

Thank you Betty Lou! They are so much fun that I have made 4 of them since last year. Great for charity quilts too. This one I cut my strips at 1.5" instead on 2.5". I like it too!