Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A very busy weekend...

So we went to visit with my daughter and her family over the 4th of July weekend.
Had a super time ~ we want to take advantage of seeing them as much as we can prior to their big move across the country :(!

When I say busy, I mean busy!
There are no photos because I brought the camera but forgot the cannolis little memory card.

We had fun playing with our grandson and also found time for all of us to meet up with our sons and future daughter in law at a restaurant located between their homes for some great food and good conversation.

The "busy" came in the form of some quilts my daughter is making for some work friends.  She wants to deplete some of her stash (yes, I took some home!) and give these quilts as gifts to them when she moves to the other side of the world to Idaho.

She already had a few of the tops complete and they are really lovely.  So we layered two, quilted and bound them.  Then prepped the binding for two more, the backing for one more and cut the fabric to piece another one! PHEW...we were busy in the sweat  shop  sewing room!
Fabric was flying!  But we had a great time and hadn't sewn together like that in a long time!

So, all in all, our 4th of July holiday weekend was a good one!
I got to sew everyday and that is always the goal!

Tonight is our local guild meeting ~ the infamous "Ice Cream Social"!  Now that's fun!

Remember ~ Sew Everyday...I do!

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