Monday, July 11, 2011

Tell Tale Signs!

Good morning all!
Do you know what your husband did yesterday while you were visiting with friends?
Well, I do!
I came home to a trail of, well ~ just look...
That's right...he was using my 3 hole punch and he left the "tell tale signs" trailing from the office floor near my desk all the way out to the dining room table!

Of course, he also mowed the lawn, trimmed the hedges, washed the dishes and washed both cars!  I guess I can forgive the "confetti"!!!

This weekend I worked on the Wedding Quilt for my son.  Here is a progression of photos for that...

Now I just need to add the outer borders and prep the backing and it will go off to be quilted!
Sew very excited about this quilt.
It measures 83x91 and these photos do not do the colors justice.
It is quite elegant and really a little "outside the box" for me!
The pattern is based on an online pattern that was free and I made A LOT of changes to fit the size of the center panel, the fabrics I had in stash and then collected for this, and the size I needed the finished quilt to be (78x87), it's a little larger...oh well!

Sew, I had a very productive weekend!
Oh, I also made this ab-sew-lutely adorable pillowcase ~ probably for one of my great nieces!
I just adored this fabric combination and it has been sitting in my stash forever!  I have enough to make another one too!

That's all for now...happy sewing!

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Margaret said...

I will let your husband play with my hole puncher if he will come and do my! He sounds like a sweetie! Love your quilt and I agree the pillowcase is adorable!

your friend in stitches