Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sewing 'til the wee hours of the morning!

No A/C in this house and sew I set up the little fan in the sewing room and sat there sewing all night long!  Even the pressing wasn't too bad with the fan blowing directly on me! LOL...
I worked on some shop/class samples and then...decided to pull out some fabrics from one of my most favorite parts of my stash (Thimbleberries) and work on another 'strip quilt'.
First I's midnight, you shouldn't be cutting fabric...but then I thought...they're only 2.5 inch I continued...cut strips...sewed together the strip sets...then decided to go ahead and cut the triangles...yes, it was 2am but I was sew cool!!!
Here's what I finished with...
Please excuse the rumbled bed sheets...I put it on the bed for design purposes!
Next comes sewing the squares together and choosing sashing and corner stones.
That shouldn't be hard.
I have sew much fabric in my stash BUT there is a fabric on my mind sitting over in the shop and sew now I can't wait to get to work tomorrow to see if I like it in real life as much as my mind likes it!

And, I had sew much fun with this that I even forgot to have my nightly "Skinny Cow Fudge Bar"!
Darn it...I hope I didn't lose any dress won't fit! LOL!!!

Now I have to finish some housework. 
Oh, how I wish I were sewing!!!

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