Thursday, July 21, 2011

Inspired by a dress...?

So today I finally found a beautiful dress for my son's upcoming wedding.  It is a really nice dress, fits like a glove except for the length (which will be altered of course!).  Now for a plus sizer to find a dress that fits perfectly is amazing and so I am even more pleased!

That's the good news...but there is more...
I saw a dress today that had many folds in it and, while it wasn't for me (I have enough folds of my own thank you! LOL) it did inspire me to make this table topper out of folded fabrics.  When I got home I hit up my stash and pulled out a whole bunch of pinks.  Here's the outcome of the last 3 hours...

Yup, that's a lot of pink but I was really in a good mood and feeling very pink today!
Of course, I have to finish it but I do have a bunch of other things to do and really shouldn't have even started this...but I couldn't not start it!

Happy Sewing to all!

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