Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's Sunday...

I do look forward to Sunday, it is the 'weekend' for me since I work on a couple of Saturdays per month. It is a lovely day and it is Father's Day. I hope my husband enjoys the day, I know that I will because he is going to wash my car! That's what he said he wanted to do today when I asked him what he wanted...hey, go for it!

We will go out for breakfast around 11am (after he gets home from teaching his Karate classes) and then I will let him take control of the day. He already knows I have some sewing to do.

Oh yes, sewing...I didn't get anymore done on my mini-tumbler other than choosing a border fabric. Still deciding how I want to quilt it.

I did pick out fabric for the large tumbler quilt I need to make this summer. It is from my stash (yippee!).

Planned and ready to roll. This will be for my niece who is graduating from high school and heading off to college. So it's a graduation/birthday gift! She will love it! I will have to make her a pillow too, like the one I made for my other niece (the Christina pillow).

This week was spent working on a project for work...almost complete! Last night I did pull out an old project that I was showing my daughter when she visited and she wants it for my grandson's room.

I had some hand stitching to do and beading to add and it needs to be finished this week so I can bring it with me next week when I visit them.
I call it The Fish!

 Cute and funky!

She loved it. So now I need to add border and backing so it can be hung.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Father's Day!



Sarge said...

Christina's pillow is so cute! Did she just love it?

Colleen said...

Thanks, she adored it...afterall, it is adorable! All my nieces want one and I have a lot of nieces!