Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So, I started this BLOG at the end of 2009 (December 31 to be exact) and was able to post a couple of times but then I had a really hard time finding it again to post.  I was really bothered by this and was encouraged by a friend to BLOG again.  Well, I started another blog on and have been posting for a few weeks there.  Wouldn't you know that right after I started that blog I stumpled on my blogspot.  Funny how that works. I am!  Back again.
I think I will keep the two blogs going for a while to see which one I like better.

I was thinking today about the ELIQG show that was on June 5 & 6th and the folks that entered their quilts in the show.  Maybe I will do one for next year but I wouldn't want to stress over it.  I think quilting should be FUN!  Yup, fun!  I do not follow perfection rules at all.  While I stress accuracy and try to do my best I just know I would never win a ribbon. 

I started a fun mini quilt the other day...The Tumbler.  It is all pieced and ready to quilt.  And, it is not perfect!  This is my first tumble quilt.  I used a bunch of Civil War repro fabrics I had on hand.
I am planning to make a large tumbler quilt so this is practice!  While at the quilt show I purchased a large tumbler template that I had been wanting for a long time.
That's all for now.  Go visit my other blog at for more photos and what's been going on lately in my world!

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