Friday, June 25, 2010


I am really excited because the first month of my Block of the Month quilt starts tomorrow at the store.

The quilt is called "Be Merry" and it is from Bits and Pieces. Here is a photo of the top. I have not done any of the applique or the embellishments yet.
The wind was blowing (believe it or not) so it looks a little ruffled. But the breeze did feel good - it is hot today!

We are starting with Block 6 patterns in the first month and counting down to Block 1. Should be complete by November. The first set of block for the first month are called "Shining Stars". This is the "Christmas Star" that is part of the group of stars. There are two other smaller 8" star blocks also but they came out to blurry so I didn't post the photos of them.

I hope the class goes well and all the quilters have as much fun doing this quilt as I have.
Have a great weekend!

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