Sunday, April 14, 2013

New England Quilt Festival...


That's right, last week I attended the NEQF in
Manchester, New Hampshire and had
one fantastic time!!!

The quilts were amazing and the vendors were great.
The classes were AMAZING!
I took two classes on free-motion quilting.
The first was Intro to Domestic Machine Quilting with Scott Murkin.
Scott is full of energy and really wants his students to succeed.
He was well prepared and his instruction was easy to follow.
I machine stitched some designs I never dreamed possible, I mean, they were very clumsy looking for my first time out but I could actually see myself practicing and getting better in time.
The class covered straight-line quilting and free-motion techniques.

Then I participated in a class called Beginner Free-Motion Quilting with Teri Lucas.
Another winner in my book!
Teri was fun and engaging.  She really made the students feel comfortable and able.
Teri talked about selecting the right tools for the process; needles, thread, batting choices, basting options and more.
We practiced straight-line quilting and curves and stippling.  Lots of fun!

I also took a class with Lisa Sipes on Applique in the Hoop.
I am now confident that I can do this kind of embroidery without any problems.

Sorry, there aren't any photos to show.  :(
I did take some photos of the amazing quilts in the show...and I do mean amazing.
The work is exquisite!

If you have never visited this event I highly recommend it for next year!

I must add that attending a show with great friends makes it that much better too!!

Happy Sew Year!


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Hi Colleen, Sounds as though you had a wonderful time and leared lots!!

Have fun sewing and quilting with the new techniques you learned,

:)Carolyn said...

Yay! Happy you had such a great time:)

Cynthia@aquilterbynight said...

Believe it or not I have never been - hoping to next year! Glad you had a wonderful time.