Monday, April 8, 2013

And the winners are...

...not so fast!
Just wanted to tell you that
there were 8 entries in total.
And I wanted to thank each of you
for your contributions to charity projects...
whatever one is your charity of choice!!!

A few had trouble commenting on my blog
and others just couldn't see the page.

I wish I knew that answer as to why that happens :(
I don't!  :(

So, the three lucky winners of a book and a pin
as chosen by my very uninterested husband who picked your names out of a bowl are:

Cindy - from an online group I belong to...she cannot comment on my blog for some reason but I know that Cindy is an avid quilter, reader and donates a lot to charities!

Quilter Roz - you can see her comment on the original blog post!  Roz makes quilts for Quilts for Kids which is another fantastic organization.

Sandy - who sent me a message stating that all she could see was a black page with some red dots!  Very strange happenings I must admit.  
Note to Sandy ~ you will have to wait on a copy until I finish reading it okay!?!

So, if you are one of the lucky winners please contact me and I will get the book and pin to you ASAP!

Thanks once again.
I know that quilters are very generous people, we prove that every day!

Happy Sew Year!


sandy quilts said...

Me? I won? I NEVER win anything :)

sandy quilts said...

P.s. I can see your blog's all better!