Sunday, March 24, 2013


...not yet!
It has been chilly, sometimes cold and sometimes snowy here.
Cannot wait for some really nice sunny, spring days...
at least a few in a row!

Last week I had some great plans
to sew a lot and while I did sew a little was not as much as planned!

Why?  I had a rotten cold and my
eyes were so teary I couldn't even see straight.

I did finish these log cabin blocks for a 
swap I belong to...
They will go in the mail tomorrow!
Each person in the swap is making 9 log cabin blocks.
All the "logs" are black/white and all the centers will
be different colors...obviously I had yellow.

I also worked on the little quilt using the green strips
pictured last week. is nothing like the quilt I had wanted to make.
Changed my mind and came up with this...
Originally the plan was to make the "Lucky Little Clover" quilt
shown on the Temecula Quilt Co. BLOG but
As I was working with the fabric this one came to mind
and sew I sewed it!
I still have strips with the other greens to one day
make the other little quilt.

Well, that's all for now...

Happy Sew Year!

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Doniene said...

Colleen, I LOVE your log cabin blocks!! The quilt will be lovely!!! I really like your choice for your green strips!!! Of course I love nine patch blocks!!! Sure hope you are feeling much better!!