Saturday, March 16, 2013

So Many Quilts... little time!

Or is much little time!

All I know is that I have been doing a lot of
sewing and I still have a lot of fabric
on the shelves and
quilts on the mind!

I have been productive and have a couple 
more tops complete and ready to show...

The 30's Beach Balls...from the Beach Balls Pattern and using the
Lazy Angle Ruler...

Borders are on and that's another UFO complete...
and the top is hanging in the shop ready for class sign-ups!

Scrappy Irish Chain...showing this again in a better photo...

Also hanging in the shop ready for class sign-ups!
It is so pretty I think I might have to make another one...
some day!

This is called Strip medallion from the book Strip Favorites.
It is a class at the shop that one of the other ladies (Debbie) is teaching.

But this one is mine!  I pulled a bunch of Patriotic Fabrics from my (overwhelming) collection of those and worked on this last week.
I simply love this and will most definitely make another one.
It was a lot of fun to make!

This is a UFO that I started last year some time.
It is an original design.

This is the UFO for next week that I hope to finish.
Imagine if you can pull out and finish one of your UFO's a week!
That would be awesome.
I have been trying to do some UFO sewing every week.

And of course, like every good little quilter...we MUST have new projects too!

I might be on a green think?
My two little "Colleen Mini Me's" are helping with this one.
Strips are cut and I am ready to stitch tonight after work.

Speaking of work...gotta run!
Have a great day!

Happy Sew Year,

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