Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ice Cream Memories...

Yesterday was a day off!  My husband is always off on Wednesday and I try to take off one Wednesday per month so we can spend time together.
During lunch (at our favorite Japanese restaurant) I was telling him about "Quilts for Japan".
The guild I belong to is asking members to participate and the shop where I work is a drop off point.

After a little bit of conversation about the devastation in that country I made up my mind to participate.
When we got home I pulled a bunch (about 25) of my stash fabrics to make a quick quilt.
Many of the ones I picked make me smile when I see them and the others I picked for "filler".
A good STASH MASH ~ used up about 2 yards and the back will take 3 yards ~ so I mashed 5 yards of stash!

Cut three 2.5" strips from each fabric (two for the top and one of each for the binding).
When I finished piecing the strips and looked at the top all I could think of was...
Please, don't ask me why because I don't know why ~ it just reminds me of the counter in an old fashioned Ice Cream Parlor!
Here is a photo of...

YUMMY! and bright (that was the goal ~ bright!)

Someday I will have to make "Ice Cream Memories 2" to keep!

Tonight, after work, I will need to quickly back this (I have a nice soft yellow flannel) and quilt it so I meet the deadline (Saturday!)!

Have a great looks like we might have some sunshine today!
Happy Sewing!

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