Friday, March 4, 2011


It was sew great to have the day off yesterday!  I did some much needed cleaning around the house and then hit the sewing room.
Worked a bit on my "One Block Wonder" and it is getting near completion ~ Yea!

I had promised myself that along with sewing I need to put in at least one hour on days off to organize the sewing room; a giant work in progress.
I had a meeting to go to at 7pm so around 5 I decided to get some of that organizing done.
Well, I came across a bin of my Americana Fabric scraps ~ there is a lot of them since I just love all things Americana! 
When I got home from the meeting I cut a whole bunch of different scraps into 2.5" x 8.5" strips.
And then I started to sew...and sew...and sew...and sew!
This morning I finished my sewing and got out some curtain lining fabric (from my stash also) and created these!

I had actually seen similar valances in a small country shop that were for sale and thought...some day!Well, that day was yesterday! 
Sew this morning I cleaned the kitchen window and hung my new valances ~ my SCRAP HAPPY VALANCES ~ "scrap" because all the fabric was from my scraps, "happy" because I am oh sew very happy with them!
Now I need to make another pair for the kitchen door!  Or do I?
Stay tuned, another day off may bring another version of my Scrap Happy Valances!

I do!

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