Friday, March 11, 2011

A busy day off...

Yesterday was a really busy day off for me!  WHEW!  Good thing it's back to work today!
Here was my to do list:
  • Laundry ~ lots of laundry since my washer was down and out and the new one came Wednesday
  • Nails ~ okay a personal pleasure but one I deserve
  • Lunch with a friend ~ another well deserved pleasure and delicious too!  YUMMY
  • Sewing ~ and boy did I sew...
And sew the sewing goes...
  • Finished quilting "Yoshi's Secret Garden"
  • Embroidered Yoshi's name on it
  • Put on the binding
  • Ready to give on Saturday for her 85th birthday! :)
Tonight I will make her birthday card!

Sew, you see, I was sew productive yesterday!
I also started sewing the rows together on my "One Block Wonder"!
Cannot wait to finish that one!

Have a wonderful day and SEW!


Jean said...

how did she like it???

Colleen said...

Hi Jean ~ she loved it! Everyone thought it was wonderful and I truly and pleased with the name embroidered on it! Thanks.