Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's been a while...

...since I have been blogging!
Yes, I have been sewing and sew very busy at it!
Lots of samples for the shop and classes and a little bit of sewing for me!
Currently I am working on this "One Block Wonder" wall hanging.
This is a really fun process ~ lately I have been in to cutting up fabric a lot!
I had this fabric in my stash just waiting to be used up  ~ about 6 yards of it to be exact ~ I wonder what the original plan for it was?!?! :)
This photo is not the final version, I made some adjustments to the layout while it was up here on the design wall.
Did I mention the design wall?  My husband graciously hung a piece of crib size batting on the wall in the hallway just outside my sewing room!  What a guy!
I have half of the quilt sewn into rows so far and hope to finish it this weekend so I can plan borders.

I also fell behind in my Civil War Blocks :( ~ yesterday I sewed block 8 ~ Cotton Boll.
Had a photo but cannot find it :( ~ could have filed it anywhere. 
Last night my computer was acting up a lot so it may have lost it!
At any rate there are a number more I have to get working on...6, 7, and 9 too!
Hey, I found it...

The process of choosing the fabrics for each of these blocks is so much fun ~ and I purchased a few more repro fabrics to add to my collection!  YAY!
Well, that's all for now ~ Back to the sewing machine for me!
Happy Sewing!


Madiza said...

WOW! I love to use fabrics as paint and brush! You made something great!

Colleen said...

Thank you! I cannot wait to finish it! Getting there. A few more rows to sew together and then the amazing borders!