Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Purple Butterfly Project

The Purple Butterfly Project

My sister Doreen has Early Onset Alzheimer’s.  Early on in her diagnosis she told me that it felt like she had a million Butterflies flying around in her head bumping into one another and all scrambled.  She said if she could just capture and grab one of them she could have a good thought or a good memory.  All it would take is just one.

The Purple Butterfly Project is a way to honor Doreen’s thoughts and a few of her passions in life; butterflies, the color purple and quilting.  My hope is to make a quilt from blocks made by her friends and supporters that could be put together into a quilt to be auctioned off to raise awareness and funds for this devastating disease.

I have designed a quilt with two different layouts.  Both are made from the same block design ~ the Friendship Star.  The difference is that I have twisted and turned them in the second layout.  I like them both and will decide later (or with a little help from participants) which layout to use.  The butterflies are suggestive of an embroidery design of purple butterflies that I will do in the open spaces.

Quilt Layout #1

Quilt Layout #2

The quilt is made up of 36 star blocks like the one below.  The layout is a setting of 6 rows with 6 blocks each.  The blocks finish at 9” and the border finishes at 4” for a total quilt size of 62” x 62”, a nice lap size quilt or wall hanging.

So, this is a request to all you quilters out there to make one (or more) blocks to add to this quilt.  You will need to follow the layout below for an unfinished 9 ½” block.

Please use good, quilt shop quality fabrics for this project.

Colors to use:

  • Star points ~ any PURPLE you want to use
  • Star background ~ light green solid or tonal 
  • Block background ~ white solid or tonal

Please follow the layout with the star points in the correct orientation as the picture.
Each patch of this block is 3 ½” unfinished.

If you need instructions on how to make this block email me at the email provided below.  It really is a very simple block.

All blocks need to be mailed to Colleen by August 1, 2015 so she can assemble, quilt and bind in a timely manner.  Please include your name, city and state, and phone number in with the block(s).  In addition, if you have an opinion on which layout you prefer please let me know.   If I receive more than 36 blocks there will be more than one project produced!  The label will contain the name of all contributing quilters that helped make this possible.  If you would like to make a personal donation please visit our facebook page link below.

An Online Quilt Auction will be held via the Team Day by Day Facebook page and will run from September 1, 2015 through September 30, 2015.  (earlier if possible) Of course the quilt will go to the highest bidder and the money will be donated to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s via team Day by Day. The opening minimum bid will be set at $300.

Please email me at the following email address if you need more information or for information on where to send your completed block(s).

Thank you in advance for your participation in this project!
The quilt label will contain the names of everyone who makes a block for the quilt.


Here is a glimpse at a draft of the rules on how the Online Auction will work. This is subject to change if needed but the auction will follow these general guidelines.

Online Auction Rules:

  1. A picture of the auction item(s) will be placed on the Day by Day Facebook page in an album titled “The Purple Butterfly Project”.
  2. Bidding will be open from 12midnight September 1, 2015 until 12 midnight September 30, 2015.
  3. By bidding in the Online Auction, each bidder agrees to these auction rules.
  4. Day by Day reserves the right to add or withdraw items, without notice, to or from the Online Auction
  5. Auction item purchases are final.  No returns or exchanges will be issued.  All items are “as is”.
  6. Day by Day provides no guarantees, warranties or servicing of auction items and is not liable for any personal injury or damage to property that may result from the use of the items sold.
  7. To place a bid for an Online Auction item, type your name and the amount you wish to bid in the comment section of the item picture on Facebook.  The Opening minimum bid is listed with each item.  Each subsequent bid must follow the minimum increment of $5.00.  Any bids not adhering to this format will be declared invalid and voided.
  8. In order to maintain confidentiality, bidders will need to email their contact information including phone number to
  9. There is no “upper limit” for your bids!
  10. Once the auction is declared closed, the last bid entered in the comment section that adheres to the designated increment shall constitute the winning bid and will so be marked.
  11. Winning bid will be posted on Facebook by 9:00am on October 1, 2015
  12. The winning bidder will be contacted to arrange payment of a donation to Team Day by Day on their official page on the Alzheimer’s Association 2015 Walk to End Alzheimer’s Page. 

To the winner:  Once payment to the page in the form of the winners donation in full has been processed, arrangements for pick-up/shipping will be determined.
Happy Bidding!


Karen said...

I am really sorry to hear your sister has this disease. May your sister and your family find comfort in each other as she travels through this disease. This quilt will be an amazing tribute to your sister. I will see what I can do to make a block or two.

Colleen said...

Thank you Karen!
I cannot tell you how amazed I am by quilters. Yesterday, less than 24 hours after posting this project I received TWO blocks from two quilting friends...we are on a roll!

Joyce Austin said...

Cool idea Colleen. I will be getting a block dropped off for you as soon as I can! Joyce

Colleen said...

Thank you Joyce!