Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Making Progress!

Yesterday was a day off from working at Pieceful Quilting so it was the perfect day to continue working on my sewing space!
Like the title of the post states...making progress...with a lot more work to go.
Late last night the new Sashiko machine made it's way out of the box and onto the table in the center.  Now to study the Instruction Manual and see what amazing things can be done with this machine.
Meanwhile, Lady Tiara is the most fun of all!
Hopefully, the table in the left corner will be switched out soon for a desk we have in the guest room downstairs.  It will fit better and provide a little more storage.
I am hoping to hang more of my smaller quilts on the wall above the Lady.
Then I can look at them for inspiration.
This is a very tiny space that's about 10' X 12' so I need to be very creative in here!!!  LOL ~ don't we all!
For the other half of the room...more progress needs to be made on that so stayed tuned.

For now...Happy Stitching,

P.S. ~ Just wanted to mention those amazing curtains.  My daughter made them and I just love them!

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