Friday, February 1, 2013


Where has this year gone?
Hard to believe that it is February already.
And the temps have been crazy...
cold, warm, frigid, warm, cold...
Minimal Snow...Makes Me Happy!!!

I made some progress on the Irish Chain quilt.
The center is complete and 
it just needs the borders on...

(after a good pressing of course!)

I am happy with it so far and I know that my sister will love it!

I also worked on a little doll quilt that I designed...

I still need to add the corners and the borders.
It is so cute!

Here she is on the Elan RED Miracle Mat
that I won from MODA...
Love this mat, it is so pretty that
I don't want to cut on it...
But I will one day!
Thank you MODA!

Well, that's all for now.
Enjoy the weekend!

Happy Sew Year!

1 comment: said...

Pretty, pretty, Colleen! I especially like your blue and white quilt:)