Monday, September 12, 2011

A little pumpkin...

Yesterday I had a fantastic day sewing with some friends!
I actually made only two pillowcases because I was talking and laughing sew much.

My daughter called and asked me if they had left one of my grandson's favorite movies (BOLT) at the house last week...they did...she also "reminded" me that I said they could take "How the Grinch..." home and they didn' could I mail them?  Of course!  Now what she doesn't know is that I made a pillowcase for my little guy out of the Grinch Christmas fabric to send along with the movie...he is going to love it!
My favorite part of this actually is the cuff fabric...I adore those whacky dots.
The other pillowcase may or may not be for him...I have a few great nephews who might love this...
Saturday night I had planned to make another mini quilt...crazy about those quick little projects and Saturday night is the perfect time for me to make those.  But when I got home from work my husband had made plans to meet friends for sew!
Well, I still wanted to make a mini sew around 10pm Sunday night I, after deciding on a pattern, and pulling fabrics... "My Little Pumpkin"!
Still needs quilting and binding but that will be quick for one night this week.

Hope you all had a great weekend...I did!
Happy Sewing.

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Jeanne said...

Your blog is inspiring me to quilt again. I'm knitting obsessively but have always loved to quilt. We are empty nesters, newly retired and newly downsized. We moved bag and baggage to a more manageable home in snow-free Florida.