Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No Sewing...windows coming

I am very excited...they are coming to install new windows in the house today.  We really needed them.  Currently we have the original builders windows and the house is 38 years old.  Some don't even open any longer.
I cannot wait until they are all  installed and the curtains are back up and we are looking good!
Here are some photos of the now...I will post the results when complete!

This is the house from the street...

This is the side where my sewing room will be; the room with the two windows on the right.  The one window doesn't open now but when I have new windows...watch out!

Here are some photos from out trip to Maryland this weekend to see my daughter's family...
Our grandson walking around Annapolis!

At the Renaissance Fair!

Loves the dragon!

Okay, the workmen are here...with the windows...I must inspect!
Happy sewing!


Sheryl-lyn said...

Cannot wait to see the house with everything done. It looks so nice already. Make sure you show us a picture from the inside with the curtains back on!!

Deb said...

Your grandson is adorable (Yes, I know, just like his grandma LOL). LOVE the shades--and I don't mean on your windows!