Sunday, August 29, 2010

I've been busy...

Wow!  I cannot believe how long it's been since I posted!  I've been busy.  I wish that I was away because of a vacation but, no, just busy with life.
One great thing...I did get a new car!  Mine was on it's last leg so I needed to trade it in for a new one.  I'll miss the old one, we traveled many miles together over the past 10 years!  But, the new one is really nice so I think I can form a new relationship and deal with the change...HAHA!

I bet some of you who know me thought I couldn't remember how to get back onto the blog...LOL!  That does happen but not this time!

BUT, I have been doing a little sewing.  Not enough but some...
Here are a few WIP's from the past couple of weeks.
First, I did find some good oranges and other fall looking fabrics to work are a few.
I went to my sister's house again and we worked on the same project.  A pumpkin banner that she had a pattern for.  We shared some of our fabrics.  Now I just need to find the time to get a stem on the pumpkin and decide if I want to put leaves or stars (I could put stars on anything!) in the 'dead' space. 

Sorry it's sideways! :)
Then I started to design a fall tote.  Working on the quilting before assembly.

Nuts!  I just noticed those two cream pieces that are the same got butted together.  Dang it!  Funny how you don't see these things until you take a photo.  Oh well.  One will be on the bottom of the bag so it should be okay...wait a second...the two greens on the upper left...darn, and the gold!  I'm leaving it!!!!  If Vera Bradley doesn't like it too bad!!!

Lastly (sorry this is a long one), I had another mystery class at the shop and this was the runner the class made.  I am getting ready to sew on the binding.

Hope everyone is having a great final couple of weeks to the summer!  The weather here has been lovely!
Happy Sewing!

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