Friday, July 5, 2013

Here's what I did on the 4th of JULY...

...what a mess this is going to be!

My husband has decided to paint this weekend.
I have to go to work today so I am SCARED silly!

Yesterday I was packing up the stuff that is in the way...
pictures off walls...

curtains pushed to the center of the room...

sewing projects away... :(

dishes packed...
Yes, my adorable kitchen display

GONE for now!
Soon things will change.
No more Americana in the kitchen.
Border paper will be coming off today.

By the time we are done all the R/W/B will be gone
from the will be yellow!
This will all take about a month, according to my husband.

All I can say is...

Now, where the heck am I going to sew?
Stay tuned for some changes.

Happy Sewing!


Lee Prairie Designs said...

(XXXXX) My fingers are crossed! But I am sure it will be lovely when finished!

I bet you will find a new sewing spot, too!!

:) Carolyn

Jeanne Baney said...

Sending vibes for patience, nothing stresses me more than redecorating! I always feel wonderful when it's complete. Your prep work is so detailed. Lots of admiration for that!